What is HabboQ?

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welcome.gifWhat is HabboQ hotel?
HabboQ Hotel is an online community where you create your very own HabboQ character and design hotel rooms. You'll also meet new friends, chat, organize parties, look after virtual pets, create and play games and complete quests. Lots of activities in the hotel will earn you badges too. HabboQ is all about having fun with friends in a safe and exciting environment.

shop.gifDoes it cost money to play HabboQ?
Joining HabboQ is free. You can visit all hotel rooms, complete quests and chat with your friends without ever having to pay. We do offer 'extras', which you can buy with HabboQ Credits and those include furniture, VIP membership and other items for your HabboQ home. Provided you have the authorization of your parents and bill payer, you have different options of buying HabboQ credits. For more information about HabboQ credit purchase methods and spending limits.

HabboQ is monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can report things to our moderation team by clicking on the Call For Help button. You can do a lot to make sure you stay safe on HabboQ and on the internet.

help.gifWhat do I do if a have a question about HabboQ or a problem?
Send an email to the HabboQ Help tool, where one of our Customer support people are ready to answer whatever query you may have. You should hear back from them within 48 hours.

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